The Best 11 3D Animation Production Companies

The 3D animation domain is an effective one that acts as a driving force for different sectors. Today, animated content in various forms is in demand. It is obvious since it fetches more views and grabs the user’s attention too. 

Animated videos are a powerful medium and animation studio are one major factor behind such an inspiring production. These videos have the ability to help the audience understand the motive. 

Animated videos are an impact tool. These are extensive and fun to watch. So that the audience can totally indulge in them. Everything in an animated video follows a three-dimensional scope. 

Due to this reason, it is important to explore animation studios that offer animation services to their customers. So that it gets easier for you to choose the best from them for consultation.

Following are well-established animation studios from around the world. 

  1. BuzzFlick

BuzzFlick is a Houston-based 3D animation studio. From past 6 years, they are offering impeccable 3D animation services.

The creative heads working at this company are driven by design and powered by creativity. They have bagged several awards for their outstanding services in this domain.

They have the honor to work with some of the biggest clients of the industry including Avia Shoes, Hi-Tech, M’Guphynn Media, to name a few.

Apart from 3D animation, they offer other handful services including cel-animation services, motion graphics services, 2D animation services and now video marketing services as well.

  1. Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja offers both 2D and 3D animation services for pertinent projects. The company operates in Poland. The brand has an extensive network of PRs and other associates and marketing agencies. 

Some major clients of this company are Google, Zoom, Pipedrive, Bolt, MyTaxi, Atlassian, and Codio. Their portfolio is attractive for consultation. The animated content created by their professionals is impeccable.

 The startups they have worked with are  Swiss Fin Lab, The Campus, and Psiphon. Further services offered by the company are scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustrations, and voice-over. 

  1. Rip Media Group

Rip Media Group is another amazing 3D animation company. The company is based in Los Angeles. The professionals of the company are well-trained for animating the characters and storytelling. 

The skills of the professionals are important to consider which helps them deliver desired projects to their clients. The team of professionals of this company includes the Producers Guild of America, the Writers Guild, and Screen Actors Guild, and animators. 

The clients of the company are Cisco, Ben and Jerry’s, and Comcast. It exceeds their expectations on all counts by executing the professional skills of the animators and artists. 

  1. VeracityColab

VeracityColab is a remarkable animation agency in terms of computer animation and simpler forms of animation. The offices of the agency function from California. They are among the giants of producers of animated content that sells for marketers. 

The agency does not replicate the existing characters and its originality is the most compelling part of it. The brand helps clients with impactful storytelling and deals with their ambitions for their projects.

The customers of this agency are Intuit, Microsoft, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Tender Greens, Adidas, Flexfit, Experian, Eventbrite, EPSON, HJC, AT&T, Adobe and the list goes on.

  1. The DVI Group

The DVI Group is another flawless animation agency to produce content that includes animation. The company is operational for 20 years. The company works for projects that need the integration of digital art and yes animation. 

Their professionals produce spotless animated videos. Due to a strong position in the market, the company has secured many awards like Elly Award for Videography, Muse Awards for TV ads, and Animation. 

The services of the company include live-action filming, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, instructional design, static banners, billboard design, and print campaigns. 

  1. Indigo Productions

Indigo Productions is a leading animation agency for its trustworthy execution of professional skills. The company operates in New York since 1991. The portfolio of the company is compelling for established giants of different domains.

Their animated content is useful to depend on for the sales in corporate, commercial, and entertainment industries. Over the years, the company has been successful in securing a good position due to the delivery of splendid projects. 

  1. Studio B Films

The next agency is Studio B Films. The company is located in California. The services offered by the company are video production, explainer videos, motion graphics, animation, and event videos.

The services of the company are multi-purpose. Due to this reason, it addresses different problems of clients and the dedication of adept artists and animators. These are a few of the several reasons to consult the company for business. 

  1. Grumo Media

Grumo Media’s animated content is important to explore when it comes to engaging content. The company is the best at producing explainer videos that include animation. 

The company is located in Canada. The professionals also assist their clients in cost-efficient 3D animated videos. 3D animation cost per minute ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 which depends on the type of project. 

The agency has delivered astonishing projects to Microsoft and Walmart including many more. Different startups and new ventures have gained many benefits from the company through compelling animated content. 

  1. Yans Media

Yans Media is an Armenian animation studio. Their services are for the content and visuals for explainer videos, animation services, and motion graphics which is an impressive attribute of the company.

The 3D digital animation agency covers all the domains of 2D animation, 3D animation, and also motion graphics. The professionals precisely work on the video-based content since it is the only viable asset present for improved sales and more audience interaction. 

  1. Kasra Design

Kasra Design is on the list of top-rated animation agencies. They work in the fields of 3D and 2D animation for their clients. The company functions in Malaysia. Their portfolio displays a heart-touching collection of 600-700 videos in total.

The services of the company predicate explainer videos for advertising purposes and 2D or 3D graphical content. The company has served many clients in the sectors of medical, IT, and sports.

  1. Spin Creative

Spin Creative is another amazing animation company to explore. They intricately work on their orders to deliver first-rate animated content in form of videos. The professionals keep the brand strategy of their clients in mind which makes the videos pop.

The artists conduct a complete discussion with their clients so that they can recommend a suitable video plan or theme that goes well with the sales and returns for the startup or the venture they are working with.

Final Verdict

The world of animation is undergoing different changes every day. New mindsets are taking over the primitive styles which is amazing to see. In this case, animation studios play a huge role in the fine production of animated content. 

It is important for a brand to consult the appropriate animation agency for the production of engaging animation content. This discussion will help you explore the top 10 animation agencies and more about them.

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